Wallich Residence

Review of Wallich Residence

Suited to satisfy individuals of extravagant taste, the recently launch Wallich Residence development perch at the pinnacle of Tanjong Pagar Centre; It sacrifices no comfort in the benefits the location, Wallich Residence present its residents a wide array of amenities within a sanctuary of landscaped gardens. The benefits prospective residents can expect from living at the Wallich Residence at Tanjong Pagar Centre are endless and will be explored further within this residential property review.

Shown below are the most basic stats and information regarding the new luxury condominium:

Project Name
Wallich Residence
District 2/Wallich Street
Site Area
Approx. 161,708 sqft
Number of Units
181 Residential units
Estimated TOP Date
Est. 3rd quarter of 2017

The residential units of this development will be the trophy collection in the real estate investor portfolio, and there are choice units available for sale now. Spaces at this residence, in particular, are well designed for city living. Suited for those interested in ownership of a luxury property located within a prime Singapore district. Based on the track record of the prestigious GuocoLand developer, prospective investors can take comfort in what to expect – top-of-the-line fittings and appliances. Residing at the increasingly popular Wallich Residences Singapore property means exclusivity.

About the Developer

For those unfamiliar with the name, GuocoLand is an award-winning property developer across the entirety of Asia. Based in Singapore, the developer has received prestige for its innovative and intriguing designs, skilled in developing property that is able to fit the developer’s vision of sustainability and unmatchable quality. Having been listed as a public company within the Singapore Exchange since 1978, GuocoLand has scaled the staggering walls of the property industry to achieve significant growth and recognition as a committed, high-quality company.

The company’s portfolio contains a wide variety of property developments, from high end residential, to hospitality, commercial, and a number of integrated developments as well. Furthermore, the group has an established a reputable presence in the property markets of China, Vietnam, and Malaysia as well as Singapore. GuocoLand is considered by many to be one of the leaders in mixed-use developments across Asia, and strategically situates each development nearby major transportation hubs to encourage ease of mobility.

Wallich Residence exists as one of the developer’s most recent launches, and stands as Singapore’s tallest residential condominium.

Similar Developments Nearby

Developments similar and nearby to the Wallich Residence condominium include the Altez, The Clift, and One Shenton. However, Wallich Residence is the only development that integrates residential, office, hotel, commercial and last but not least, Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

One need only refer to the Wallich residence brochure to get an eyeful of the masterful design this development allows, as a condo that quite literally towers over the rest with its grandiose architecture and distinctly pleasing aesthetic that stands tall at 290m – The Tallest building in Singapore.

Nearby Commercial Buildings and Shopping Centres

Residents of the Wallich Residence Singapore property are likely to find themselves with countless of shopping options within the Centre itself, walking distance or just a few stations way. Situated in a location that rests in the heart of the Tanjong Pagar district, the condominium is within minutes of the most stunning social and cultural sites the city has to offer. The condo is also nearby to other convenient commercial establishments such as:
• PS 100
• Tanjong Pagar Wet Market and Hawker Centre
• Hong Lim Food Centre
• Esplanade – Theatres On The Bay
• As well as the most reputable bars and restaurants at Duxton Hill, Ang Siang Hill, and Club Street.

Elegant cuisine located conveniently nearby the condominium provides substantial opportunity for residents who may long for exciting nights out in the city. Furthermore, the close proximity of the development to other enthralling sites such as the Fort Canning Park, Gardens By The Bay, National Gallery Singapore, and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum will allow future residents to always be close to their next stimulating experience.

The convenience of public transport and shopping centres right at the door step in the district have further popularised the development, as residents can never be too far from where they should most like to be. To name afew, the Marina Link Mall, Icon Village, China Square, and City Hall are all close enough for residents to enjoy visiting on a regular basis without needing to plan for an extensive trip. In residing minutes away from some of the most gorgeous and culturally stimulating sites that can be found in Singapore, while the amenities located within the Wallich Residence may leave residents reluctant to even venture beyond its own walls, residents may never feel too far from the most engaging opportunities that await them in the city.

Wallich Residence rent units will be widely popular with the utmost anticipation with its strategic location, residents are eager to start their days with the knowledge that they can travel wherever they so please without having to walk under the weather to the nearest stop.

The Development

The Wallich Residence offers 181 residential units within 150,000sqft of landscaped gardens among other extravagances and amenities, complements the lifestyle of its residents. Occupying the 39th to 64th floors of the impressive Tanjong Pagar Centre, the residence offers unparallelled views and the convenience of being integrated with the Tanjong Pagar Centre below the residential and office floors.

Extravagances blossoms in the condominium’s 3 different club level – Social 180, Cloud 220 and Apex:

• Private dining room with custom-built kitchen allows residents to hold elaborate functions;
• Infinity pool with breathtaking views of the sea keeps the hustle and bustle at bay;
• State-of-art gym becomes resident’s exclusive way to start or end the day;
• Theatrette for private screenings;
• Casual dining room and BBQ pits to host parties;
• Wallich Residence’s exclusive library
• Glass-cantilevered air deck for for an unparalleled view of Singapore’s sky line.

While the enrapturing city of Singapore awaits residents outside.

Residents are serve by Signature Wallich Concierge Service which offers assistance across a full host of service.

In addition, the Wallich Residence development contains the largest “super” penthouse Singapore has to offer as a unit that takes up the 62nd to 64th floors with its very own private elevator.

How the Development Fits Within the Government MasterPlan

The Masterplan laid out for the bustling financial district of Marina Bay and Marina South offers a number of benefits to those citizens living within it – the residents of Wallich Residence included.

Sustainable development strategies have been utilised to the best of the city’s abilities to ensure enriching experiences for the citizens of the district. With vibrant cultural sites and social activities going on at every tick of the clock, residents of Marina Bay may enjoy a plethora of publicly-accessible amenities, lush parks, and plazas through which crowds may browse and appreciate. The district has plans that will further ensure its ability to thrive as a community of connectivity, from the implementation of childcare centres and relaxing courtyards, to playgrounds, endearing local bakeries, and other spaces for citizens to interact and enjoy together as a society.

Additionally, residents of Wallich Residence will be part of a community that prioritises ease of mobility and transport for its members. From any point in Marina South, for instance, individuals can expect to need no more than five minutes to walk to the nearest mode of public transportation. Cycling and walking paths are available abound throughout the district, with intricacies that perfectly complement the MRT lines to create a connective network of transport for all those who need it for their everyday living.

The benefits afforded to those who will reside within the luxury units of the residential development are numerous, and offer those affluent investors interested in residing at Wallich Residence the opportunity to be part of a community that thrives on connectivity and sustainability.


Those who are interested in investing in extravagant Singapore property may visit the Wallich Residence showflat to gain a fuller understanding of the opportunities that prospective residents have to look forward to. The Wallich Residence TOP date has come upon the citizens of Singapore, and the affluent eager to bask in its exquisite presence are now able – and urged – to welcome it. Call today to receive an updated Wallich Residence price list of available units in order to secure a space in the residential space of the development.